Thursday, July 26, 2007

Unproven Pelvis VS. Unproven P*enis

When I was trying to explain to my in-laws why I was having a homebirth 2 years ago, they came back with all sorts of "counterarguments" about why I was being selfish and putting my baby at risk.


Anyway, tonight while washing dishes, I thought back to a comment my step-father- in-law said one night to me during one of our discussions:

"Well, Christi, my doctor friend said that it's very risky doing a homebirth with a first child, since you have an unproven pelvis."

What the ******? Where does he get off talking about unproven pelvises?? Especially mine?

I felt like saying to him, and correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this is a valid counterpoint: "Why is it that a woman's pelvis and uterus are guilty until proven innocent (and even if they perform well... they are still assumed to be guilty/broken) ? Why wouldn't my pelvis do exactly what it's been designed to do during birth... even the first time? Especially the first time?"

And then I would go on to say to him:

"I've never heard of anyone telling a teenage boy before he's about to have sex (or masturbate) for the first time... 'Well, you know, son, it's risky having sex or masturbating for the first time... since you have an UNPROVEN P*ENIS.'"

Does anyone doubt the natural, first-time power of a p*enis? Hell no! We just assume the p*enis is going to work... and none of us worry about teenage boys. And if a man's p*enis is curved or shaped a little strangely... do we tell him that he can't have sex, and should be castrated instead? God forbid. Of course not. No one mentions it... they let him do his thing.

So then why in the world does my step-father- in-law get off trying to insult my "unproven pelvis?"

It just kills me, the bizareness of it all.

Ah, the things that start to surface 17+ months postpartum.

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