Saturday, December 29, 2007

My warning signs of PPD

Here are some of the signs that indicated a high likelihood that I would experience PPD:

· My pregnancy was earlier than planned (and not entirely wanted at that point in time), and my son was born 5 months after my wedding.

· I had a traumatic birth – a long C-section recovery, birth was completely opposite the homebirth we’d originally planned. My trusted midwife dumped me at the end of pregnancy and wouldn’t deliver my son.

· Breastfeeding was extremely painful and challenging for the first few weeks, and it took 2 months before my nipples didn’t hurt anymore.

· We moved to a new house and new town (where I knew no one and had no social connections) 3 months after the birth.

· We didn’t have daycare or a babysitter lined up, so I had to take care of Evan while trying to run my business.

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